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Posted By Donnneon

Just created a mobile site for iNeonlabs, sort of a experiment in HTML5 and mobile sizing. Not everything was reproduced, just the most easiest to redesign, but at least I'm exploring the possiblities of both. Recently I played with an iPad and iPhone, and noticed, that I have a lot of work ahead to make a good mobile site, the one up is an Alpha Release, which means it still has a lot of work to get to a nice Beta Release.

Posted By Donnneon

Evolution is more of a dog and pony show, Innercore Datatek is just a showcase site of my sites active and inactive. Dim51, for this site, might be used as a jump start into code data and other things, vortexzone, might continue to be explored in for animation and new frontiers in that direction, but it's all evolutionary, my dear Watson.

Posted By Donnneon

Last weekend a couple of sites I designed were missing, seems there was a host server problem, so I had to move one source to another and in so doing, my webdesign site was left empty.

Why not evolve into something else. I was going to move iNeonlabs into the Innercore Datatek site, but the reverse has happened, and, in a way, that's a good thing.

Now the evolution process is to delve more into other things, like core data and Watir, and who knows from there.





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