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Posted By Donnneon

Still experimenting with fluid grids and responsive images with HTML5.

CSS3 is hanging in the background just waiting to be experienced.

Posted By Donnneon

Just about to FTP the redesigned, mobile adaptive site, sure hope it works.

Posted By Donnneon

Updated the site again, using responsive imaging and HTML5.
I had a concept for a JavaScript slideshow that didn't work out in certain browsers, so I went with a different approach...this time.


Posted By Donnneon

I eliminated all icon identification with a beaker for iNeonlabs, maybe later I might feel better about it.

I've updated the site with HTML5 with only one revert back to CSS for alignment, but I have to work that bug out later.

I've been holding off on learning Blender 3D, because of mass amounts of work the last couple of months with graphics and a redesign, which was reverted back to HTML with tables, obsolete, but what can you do when you're in a hurry, do stuff you know, quickly.

If and when I have time, I might update it, code-wise.





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