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Posted By Donnneon

HTML 5 seems to be working, but like I said it's still in development and has "years" to go, so they say.

There aren't any votes on the Wallpaper page, and nana discussion on the Discussion page and no one has signed the Guest page, so this in itself is telling me things I like to know.



Posted By Donnneon

Webmonkey has a tutorial on HTML 5 and what it looks like and how it's suppose to act, etc, so I might have to add another project page on that.

Posted By Donnneon

It's been awhile and this site is still in progress, like I said before it will always be in progress.

The flash "site" Dimension 51 now has a slated date of 09:09:09, I hope I can meet that "deadline" but who knows, that site in theory is very complicated and "has lots of dimensions to it" so, we'll see.

The JavaScript drop down menu is still causing a problem on IE7, still has uneven issues. It seems to be okay in other browsers.

IE8 keeps popping up in Microsoft Updates, I don't know how much longer IE7 will be usable.

I don't want to part with it, since I use Notepad to code with and the IE8 has a new display which I have found the bypass too, but why use it unless I have to.

Other than that, pushing through on the updating of this site.




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