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Posted By Donnneon

Added a new page that has the new HTML 5 Canvas Animation JavaScript, this is the new project that is being done with open-source coding that allows animation to be done with code and not Flash or Silverlight.

Internet Explorer doesn't support it, so it can only be viewed in Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox, and the latest versions of them.

I just have what it looks like and a link to the people who created it. Later, I'm going to mess around with it and see if I can adjust the animation playing with the code. How fun it that?!

Posted By Donnneon

Like the date says, my Dimension project is coming soon, not to say it will actually be done on that date, but I could possibly start it, really, on that date, still no idea what "it" will be, but it's a research project in flash, that I know, I think.




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