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Posted By Donnneon

This week jammed a bunch of tests in and most worked well.

Rounded corners by CSS, not all browsers show it, but the ones who do, it works.

Fluid grid for mobiles, works, but I still would like the page to be center screen instead of left.

Shadow text, check.

CSS link sheets, check.

Next up, layout design, of course, probably the most subjective test to do, especially

with clients.



Posted By Donnneon

The rainy season is upon us, so it looks like I'm having more time to devote to updating the website again, today's first thing was converting a flash animation into an html5, using Google's new Swiffy conversion software, so cool, all you do is upload and hit a button.

The website is getting another facelift and more will be added in the future, so nice to be back updating this site the way it was meant to be used.




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