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Posted By Donnneon

Made a new webdesign for iNeonlabs, just coding and links, the cube design by  Serfii. Just altered it a bit to fit the mobile settings, a little below the center point on the full screen page, but in order for it to work on small devices something had to give and aesthetics had to go.


Also completed a redesign of West Seattle Rock Clubs site, and currently working on redesigning 4 Your Eyes Only, now with these two out of the way, more devotion on that.


Blender is still going strong, Unity3D is on the back burner, and Audacity sound designing is the new playing field I'm into now. Soundtracks for the animations in the future.

Posted By Donnneon

Just downloaded Unity3D the gaming engine, to play around and see what it has to offer and if it can blend together with Blender, we shall see.




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